• Women at Home
    and Women
    at Work

    Have you ever wondered what goes through someone’s mind when they are asked the dreaded cocktail hour..

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  • A Just World?

    I was raped. It was no urban legend. No deranged stranger jumped out of a dark alley to attack me on my way home from bible study...

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  • Wellness and You

    Work gets in the way, family gets in the way, volunteer commitments get in the way, and occasionally the television and sofa get in the way too...

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Panty Raid

It has recently come to my attention that some women coordinate their bras and panties. And they don't just match colours, they buy the sets together...

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Florence Booth House, Toronto

Located in the downtown core, Florence Booth House was opened in 2000 with the intent of being a temporary shelter for that winter. In February of this year, we celebrated our 7th anniversary, proving the need is still very real...

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Champagne with Potato Chips?

You really can drink wine with just about anything, according to a new web site devoted to food and wine pairings. Zinfandel with your Tex-Mex? Not a problem. A little Chardonnay with your fried chicken take-out? Delicious. Pinot Noir and wild boar? Why not, says Natalie MacLean...

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News & Events

Eating Between the Lines: Health and Literacy (Connections for Canadians)

42% of Canadians struggle with basic reading and writing. The International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS) (1995;2003) shows strong links among literacy skills, employment and poverty, and thus health...

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Think Before You Go Pink

The Breast Cancer Action (BCA) group wants consumers to think about how much money is actually going to the “cure” before purchasing something with a little pink ribbon on it...

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Do you Fancy Cat Sitting

My ideal holiday involves sun, by a pool, a never-ending supply of chilled diet coke, and a sky-high pile of novels to read while the stresses of home and school evaporate...

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The World Around Us: Enjoying it in a Sustainable Way

I have always been an animal lover, an outdoorsy person, and a real natural girl, among many other things. I only recently embraced these characteristics in such a way to let them transform my career from one of health and wellness to one of wildlife conservation.

In coming to this decision, I have had many opportunities to meet new people, experience things from a different perspective, and begin to learn about some of the concerns and issues that lie ahead of me in this field of work.

From my own humble experiences and love of nature, I can tell you that one concern I struggle with is the desire to see more people enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds them but also to get them to understand, and to truly understand myself, how our actions affect the environment we are in.

The World Around Us: Enjoying it in a Sustainable WayThere is nothing more disconcerting than enjoying a relaxing hike on a summer afternoon, the sunlight falling through the trees in dusty granules, the breeze lightly wafting through the open spaces between the stands of forest, the trail bed moist with the scent of old leaves…only to be greeted by the old, faded, brown (or red, if it’s Roll Up the Rim time) shape of a Tim Horton’s coffee cup carelessly tossed amongst the pine needles and leaves in just the spot where you were going to set your next footstep down.

Spring has arrived, and with it the promise of longer sunshine-filled (we hope!) days. Days that we can fill with all those activities we neglected or were not able to do over the winter: long hikes and nature walks, bike rides, camping trips, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, sight seeing, and bird watching, just to name a few.

But how many of us consider the result of our use of outdoor ecosystems for activities such as these? What can we do to ensure that the spaces that we enjoy today will continue to be viable and vibrant areas for waterfowl, other wildlife, and plants, as well as places of beauty for people to enjoy, for decades to come?

In order to find out how we can be environmentally responsible during our outings this season, we should all think “Leave No Trace.”

This phrase is much more than a quick tagline. It is now a non-profit organization (Leave No Trace Canada), based in Calgary, Alberta, which is “dedicated to promoting and inspiring responsible outdoor recreation through education, research, and partnerships”. The organization was officially launched in March 2006.